Special Intro: Jonathan Frakes – Will Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation

Film at 11: Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

Book IT: Dirty Pictures: How an Underground Network of Nerds, Feminists, Misfits, Geniuses, Bikers, Potheads, Printers, Intellectuals, and Art School Rebels Revolutionized Art and Invented Comix (2022) by Brian Doherty

Scroll With IT: John Streetz is creating craft shows at local microbrews. Join us in supporting local artists and local businesses Streetz Artz Alliance. Kevin Smith created a lot of hype about his upcoming movie Clerks III this week when the trailer was released. The whole cast was in Chicago for FAN EXPO. #Clerks3

Show Notes: https://bit.ly/tms71222

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